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Fake Quotes on Fake Beards


One of the most delicate and subtile questions of the philosophy of beards – an underestimated area on which I am currently undertaking a larger project – is the matter of the fake beard. When the fake beard comes into consideration the trouble begins: ordinary men can become philosophers, boys can be men, weaklings can […]

The Difficult Art of Remembering Forgotten Philosophers. A Report on a Conference in Milwaukee


Under the title “Forgotten Philosophers – and Why We Should Remember Them” a group of graduate students of the Marquette University in Marquette, Milwaukee, organized a most interesting conference which took place from the 28th to the 29th of April 2017. To avoid that this conference will be forgotten all too quick – here is […]

Israel: A White Colony in the Near East?!


  A response to Kristin Flade: Unexceptionally Lovely Days This “response” originates from my work for the open editorial board of a small independent German-Austrian philosophy and art magazine, engagée. I’ve written it for that magazine because I thought that a most controversial text like Flade’s Unexceptionally Lovely Days shouldn’t be published without fundamental changes. […]



A Comment on Malcom Bull’s Anti-Nietzsche (Verso Books, London / New York 2011)   Malcom Bull’s study Anti-Nietzsche is one of the most interesting and – as the title might suggest – provocative contemporary publications on Nietzsche I’ve come across. Reason enough to dedicate a little commentary to it. Anti-Nietzsche is not just provocative because […]

Achim Szepanski: Kapitalisierung Bd. I & II


Review on: Kapitalisierung Bd. 1: Marx’ Non-Ökonomie Kapitalisierung Bd. 2: Non-Ökonomie des gegenwärtigen Kapitalismus Achim Szepanski Hamburg: Laika, 2014 1)This article is a longer version of a review I wrote for Marx & Philosophy. Link:   I. Beyond Marxology: Coming Out of the German Box Achim Szepanki’s trilogy Kapitalisierung (Capitalisation) may be the most […]

Guest article: Alp Kayserilioglu: Charlie Hebdo: Cui bono?


I publish the following article with the kind permission of the author. It has been published originally in Turkish on It has been translated into English by the author himself, Max Zirngast, and Baki Güney Işıkara. I publish it because I think it is an important contribution towards a non-culturalist, socialist interpretation of the […]